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Precious Treasures, LLC, was founded in January 2008! The three designers are Elaine Montoya, Shannon Montoya and Janice Norden. Elaine and Shannon are sister-in-laws and Janice is Shannon’s mother. Our jewelry business started out unexpectedly.

Shannon Montoya, Janice Norden, and Elaine Montoya of Precious treasures, LLC

Above: Shannon Montoya, Janice Norden, and Elaine Montoya.

Elaine and Shannon were looking at Janice’s beaded jewelry books, and thought how great it would be to make our own jewelry. What started out as a few jewelry making parties, turned into Precious Treasures, LLC. All of our jewelry is handcrafted, original, one of kind pieces.

Elaine MontoyaElaine Montoya
I have always had a love for beaded jewelry and I have always tried to find just the right necklace to wear with my outfits. What started out as a few jewelry making parties at my home, turned into a deep desire to learn more about beads and jewelry making. I found myself checking out every book dedicated to beads/handmade jewelry books. It became an obsession to find out all I could about making jewelry. I found myself mesmerized every time I went into a bead store, and found that I could easily spend hundreds of dollars on beads. Initially, I started out just making pieces for myself and just for friends and family. I began to receive several compliments on the jewelry I had made. Soon after, Shannon and I came up with the idea of trying to sell our work at craft shows. With much success at craft shows, we decided to continue this journey and create our website so that our beautiful work could be available to anyone who is interested in it.

Janice NordenJanice Norden
Due to a hip replacement, I had to retire early. Having more time on my hands, I started to make beaded jewelry which was something that I truly enjoyed. I began working with seed beads and created intricately designed earrings. Now, I have found it easier to work with glass beads, crystals and semi-precious gemstones. We each have our own style which allows us to give our customers a variety of pieces to choose from. The three of us enjoy spending time together as we sit around the table and create our new pieces.

Shannon MontoyaShannon Montoya
I have loved jewelry all of my life and since my mom has been designing it for years it was only a matter of time before I jumped on the bandwagon. Between a full time job and other creative interests, jewelry making consumes hours of my time. What used to be our kitchen table is now a work bench where a lot of my creations take place. Of course my husband would much rather see dinner showing up on the kitchen table instead of all of my jewelry supplies.

Making jewelry has been a great way to spend time with my mom and sister in law. We never seem to tire of dragging our beads and supplies to each others houses and spending hours talking and working on new designs.

For my photography, I have combined my love of the outdoors with my need to take pictures of it. Going ATVing with my husband has allowed me to find places that I would never have been able to get to before. I spend hours running around with a camera chasing down butterflies and rearranging flowers for that perfect shot.

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